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Today’s highly increasing competitiveness over the industry demands high quality and most consistent products with a competitive price. To address this challenge number of industries considering various new product designs and integrated manufacturing techniques in parallel with the use of automated devices.One of the remarkable and influential moves for getting the solutions of above mentioned challenge is the industrial automation. BlueCode’s Industrial automation facilitates to increase the product quality, reliability and production rate while reducing production and design cost by adopting new, innovative and integrated technologies and services.

Automation takes a step further mechanization that uses a particular machinery mechanism aided human operators for performing a task. Mechanization is the manual operation of a task using powered machinery that depends on human decision making. On the other hand, automation replaces the human involvement with the use of logical programming commands and powerful machineries.
We solution consists set of technologies and automatic control devices that results the automatic operation and control of industrial processes without significant human intervention and achieving superior performance than manual control. These automation devices include PLCs, PCs, PACs, etc. and technologies include various industrial communication systems.
The above figure shows the power plant automation provided by us for achieving sustainable, safe and economic operations. It provides the Total Integrated Automation (TIA) by automating every section of power plant with efficient control devices, field sensors and actuating devices. In this automation, SIMATIC modules (PLCs) are used as control devices while WinCC provides an effective graphical interface.

  • To provide optimum cost of operation
  • To increase productivity
  • To improve product quality
  • To reduce routine checks
  • To raise the level of safety


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