Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

BlueCode Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) is developed on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning framework, replaces tedious manual processes to track, regulate and analyses vehicle movement on roads, thereby inculcating traffic discipline amongst people, make traffic management more robust and increase road safety. The system is seamlessly integrated with BlueCode's Intelligent ITMS and AI & DL based Video Analytics solution in a unified, monolithic system architecture, so that video surveillance and traffic monitoring services complement each other, thus addressing the field issues with a holistic approach.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System                       

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system automatically captures the license plates of any vehicle(s) in the field of view (FOV) of a camera and stores them in database, so that details of the vehicles are available at any later point in time along with related video footage. If there is more than one vehicle in the camera FOV, then all of them are independently processed and their license plates are recognized irrespective of the type of vehicle – private car, taxi, bus, truck, auto rickshaw, motorcycle etc. The system has integration framework with a city surveillance system. The vehicles can be searched on the basis of timestamp, number plate, colour or vehicle category.The solution includes following modules

BlueCode Integrated e-Challan Software (ICMS) is an open architecture software that integrates with Intelligent ITMS application suite offering efficient management of e-challans generated to penalise traffic violations like red light/stop line jumping, over speeding, driving without seat belt/helmet, using cellphone while driving, triple riding etc. Additionally, it allows the operator to include other violations such as broken number plate, non-standardization of number plate etc as and when visually detected during the validation of challans/tickets. ICMS also integrates with Handheld terminal / PDA for Spot Challan generation.

  • Red Light/Stop Line Violation Detection System.
  • Speed Violation Detection.
  • No Helmet Detection System.
  • Triple Riding Detection System.
  • Detection of Use of Cellphone While Driving.
  • No Seat Belt Detection System.
  • Integrated e-Challan Software.


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