Smart Cities

BlueCode has been developing and applying these technologies for years now, becoming a pioneer in the concept of Smart Cities. The definition of a Smart City could be described as a city that provides infrastructure and services through sustainable development by applying Information and Communication Technologies. Whereas quality of life of its citizens increases, the efficiency in its resources also increases. There are already many proposals contemplated within the Smart City concept have been implemented and serving citizens for some time. But our objective is to provide these services to our customers with greater intelligence and above all, to interconnect them to obtain the sustainable development goal.

Smart city solutions:
BlueCode acts as a System Integrator for Implementing the Smart Cities Solutions . We have envisaged implementing, integrating and operationalizing all the smart solutions/ components of the city. BlueCode is delivering a framework, predominantly composed of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to develop, deploy, and promote sustainable development practices to address growing urbanization challenges. A big part of this ICT framework is essentially an intelligent network of connected objects and machines that transmit data using wireless technology and the cloud. Cloud-based IOT applications receive, analyze, and manage data in real-time to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions that improve quality of life.

  • Integrated Command & Control Center (ICCC)
  • City Surveillance System
  • Traffic Management System
  • Automatic Traffic Violation Detection
  • ICT based Solid Waste Management
  • City GIS platform with Property & Utility details
  • SMART City Mobile Application
  • OFC laying and Network Connectivity
  • Intelligent Transport System
  • Public Address System
  • Emergency Call Box
  • Environmental Sensors
  • E-Governance Kiosks
  • Data Digitization and ERP
  • Smart Pole Solution


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